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Hey everyone!

I'll be out of town starting on JULY 29th and RETURNING AUGUST 15TH for my regularly scheduled once-per-year two week break. I'm the dude who packs/signs/prints all the stuff around here, so that means any orders (Tattoo Flash/Prints/Decks/Booklets/Pins/etc) placed between those two dates won't ship until I get back on AUGUST 15TH - Threadless Apparel orders will still be processed by the awesome folks over at Threadless! I will also be unable to respond to emails until I'm back, I'm sorry for any inconvenience!

For those two weeks I'm going to be in the woods hunting for bigfoot/engaging in shenanigans/fulfilling my childhood dreams of being a cryptid, which means I won't be responding to any emails, or be in the studio with internet access, and therefore not able to ship packages even in any emergency circumstances where you need a print. I will start responding to emails once I am back, in the studio on AUGUST 15TH. If you attempt to send a carrier pidgeon to seek out my location before AUGUST 15TH it will be cooked and eaten. 

I work the other 351 days a year, so I promise I will get back with you ASAP! Thank you for your understanding!